On this week's episode I sit down with Nav_Ox from the Unshackled Fury Podcast and talk some patch preparation.  8.2 has brought us two new zones to explore, and I am curious to know what Nav did to make sure he wasn't behind come the launching of this massive patch.  We also find out some of his goals for 8.2 and how he plans to tackle this new content.  

You can find Nav at the following links:

Twitter: @Nav_Ox or @unshackled_fury

You can find me at the following links:

Twitter @scrubsvs or @cyrub_koc

Email: Scrubsvstheworld@gmail.com 

Join Rho and I as we talk about single player Hearthstone! Learn his strategies on how to navigate the latest adventure; The Dalaran Heist.  And listen to Rho's absolutely amazing idea for a future adventure, and let us know what you think on Twitter @scrubvs, or via email scrubsvstheworld@gmail.com.

You can find Rho at:

Website: realm-maintenance.com

Twitter: @RhoWoW, @RestartCast, @HearthCasual,@Plus5toHit

You can find me at:

Twitter: @Cyrub_KoC, @Scrubsvs

Twitch: twitch.tv/cyrub

Email: scrubsvstheworld@gmail.com

Ali from Dungeon Fables joins me to talk WoW dungeons!  Come take a listen as we explore this vast topic, and discuss the aspects that we enjoy, and things we would like to see changed.  

You can find Ali at the following links:

Twitter: @AliandrasK, @DungeonFables

Website: dungeonfables.com

You can find me at the following links:

Twitter: @Scrubsvs, @Cyrub_KoC

Twitch: Twitch.tv/cyrub

Email: Scrubsvstheworld@gmail.com


Do you want to unleash the rage?  Come and take a listen as I talk to Berzerker from the Unshackled Fury Podcast about how he approaches playing the Warrior class in the World of Warcraft  

You can find Berzerker at:

Twitter: @Berzerkerrage, and @unshackled_fury

You can find the Unshackled Fury Podcast through your favorite podcasting app.

You can find me at:

Twitter: @Cyrub_KoC or at @Scrubsvs

Twitch: Twitch.tv/cyrub

Email: scrubsvstheworld@gmail.com


Come join us by the fire as the Ringmaster from the Darkmoon Herald joins me for a discussion about Hearthstone!


Twitter:@DarkmoonHerald Website: DarkmoonHerald.com

Twitter: @Cyrub_KoC Twitch: Twitch.tv/cyrub Email: scrubsvstheworld@gmail.com


Come on in and join Rojali and I as we discuss what it takes to be a mythic raider in World of Warcraft!


You can find Rojali's kill vids @ https://www.youtube.com/user/ProjaliLN


You can find me @Cyrub_KoC and on twitch @ twitch.tv/cyrub 

Come on in and take a listen to Frazley and I discuss end game as a non-raider in the World of Warcraft!

You can find Frazley at www.gnomepodcast.com

You can find me on Twitter @Cyrub_KoCwww.twitch.tv/cyrub, and at scrubsvstheworld@gmail.com

In this week's episode we dive deep into Starcraft II with Twitch streamer Orionbravo.  If you're an existing player, or looking to get into the game, Orion really gives some great strategies and ideas on how to improve your own skills. 

You can find him at:


You can get in touch with me at the following locations:

Twitter: @Cyrub_KOC

Twitch: Twitch.tv/cyrub

email: scrubsvstheworld@gmail.com

Hello there!  Scrubs vs The World will be a bi-weekly podcast that focuses on improving game play, and just having some good ol' fashioned fun.  Get ready for episode 1 launching on 04/09/19.

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