Hey there adventurer!

Do you enjoy RP, or wondering what RP even is?  Stop on by the inn and have a seat at the table while Sil from @Whispers_of_War and I talk role playing in the World of Warcraft!

We discuss proper decorum, addons, and even try our hand at an RP skit ourselves.  Come check it out!

I'm working on building up a segment where you, the listener, can participate in the program.  Please send me your favorite scrub moments to scrubsvstheworld@gmail, and I will read your entry on the show!  

You can also follow this show on Twitter @Scrubsvs, and you can follow my personal account @Cyrub_KoC.

You can find Sil @Whispers_of_War on Twitter, and her show Whispers of War on Podbean, go check it out!!

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