Fear from the Morally Grey podcast stops on by to talk Torghast! In this episode we cover how we all approach our own Torghast runs, and share our thoughts and opinions about Torghast as a whole. We try to answer the burning question, is the reward worth doing Twisting Corridors enough, and much much more!




Come and join Cy and Projali as they break down the rest of Castle Nathria's stable of bosses, and bid farewell to the enigma known as 2020.

Have a Happy New Year everyone, and here is to a great 2021!



Come and hang out with Cy and Projali as they get you ready to storm Castle Nathria! They cover everything from how to get your ilevel up, consumables and what you can use if you're a little broke after buying the legendary base item piece, and even break down the first half of the raid bosses. 




Are you still unsure which class to main now that Shadowlands is launched? Come by and join Gin from Morally Grey, Projali, and Cy as they take a look at the Warrior class and hopefully help you make up your mind! They cover every spec, all of the ability changes, and even took the time to figure out which covenant you should probably join... (heavy on the probably)

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Come on in and join Projali and Cy as we interview Jared from Merely A Setback about the lore of BFA. We compare the two story lines and find out which side has the better plot lines leading into Shadowlands.


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Twitter - @jaredrpg

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Come and join Birkheart, Manny from For Azeroth, Projali and I as we discuss what you need to know about the shaman class come Shadowlands launch! We break down the class changes, so you can get an idea of what we can expect to see in the next expansion.

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Come join Projali and I as we do a dive into the class changes of the Druid for Shadowlands. We cover all the specs and go over what you need to know for each, and how the new changes will affect you moving forward into the Shadowlands.

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Come on in and join me as I give my final rating for the Battle for Azeroth. I break down the grade based on three main criteria: Game play, Story, and just over all fun factor. Also, I have a fun interview with my son who is an upcoming WoW player, and recap my WoW Challenges RP Iron Man Toons in the RP Theater segment.


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Come and join Jared and I as we dive into some of the things you should be doing to prepare for the upcoming Shadowlands expansion! We cover things such as gear collecting, gold collecting, story prep, and convenants! 

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Come by and join news writer and content creator for Xu-Fu's Pet Battle Strategies DragonsAfterDark and I talk some pet battling! If you're looking to get into pet battling or never even tried it, Dragons gives some amazing insight into this aspect of the game. We also talk about her role on the Xu-Fu's team, and how she approaches writing a pet battle guide! 

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Xu-Fu's Pet Battle Strategies Website 


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