Come have a listen to Heeka and I discuss his philosophy for raid prep and learn the inner workings of how he leads the Knights of Chipotle into battle every Wednesday. We discuss the resources he uses for learning strats, talk about how he approaches communication with the group, how to handle those tough conversations with raiders that are not pulling their weight, and most importantly what he's learned from his blunders while leading raids!

You can find the show at the links below:

Twitter: @Scrubsvs



Join Nida and I as we talk WoW fan art, and discover how she approaches drawing her favorite wow characters!  We also cover the tools she uses, and find out how she researches new concepts and puts them into her art pieces. Come on by!

You can find Nida's social media links on her twitter which is @nidarosisart

You can find the show on twitter @scrubvs and send in your favorite scrub moment to

Come on by and have a listen as Martin and I discuss our favorite moments from Blizzcon! We breakdown the announcements for WoW, Diablo, Hearthstone, Overwatch, and more! Also, Martin tells all as he admits his best Scrub moment. 


You can find Martin at these links:

@spewfire - Dragon Powered Studios

@sleeplessinCPH - Personal

You can find the show @scrubsvs and my personal twitter @Cyrub_KoC

Join Gin and I as we talk about how he approaches raiding, and find out what addons and other character setups he uses.  We also talk about the lore and how important it is to the raids we're running, as well as discovering which raids are the most important to understand when it comes to understanding the story of Warcraft.  If this doesn't get you excited for this episode then you need to come in for Gin's scrub moment, because it is the best one I've heard to date!

You can find Gin twitter @morallygreypod and his show Morally Grey Podcast at

You can find me on twitter @scrubsvs

As someone who's been playing this game for a long time I wanted to get someone on who has just started their journey in Azeroth.  Come on by and hear the conversation I have with Mikey from the RockyMountain Blizzcast about his experiences as a new player in Current and in Classic WoW.  We dive in and find out what class, spec, and faction he's chosen to side with. I get his overall opinions of the game, and we dawn our tinfoil great helms as we speculate on the future of WoW. We also discuss what motivated him to start his own podcast, and laugh about our trials and tribulations as new content creators.  

You can find Mikey at:



You can find me at:



Come join Micheal from the Blue Recluse and I as we talk some Diablo 3!  In this episode we discuss season play, and find out how Michael deals with the seasonal restart, favorite characters, and much much more! 

You can find Michael here:

Twitter: @Acidtearz1111

Twitch: thebluerecluse

Podcasts: @NerdThisPodcast  @thebluerecluse_

You can find the show and myself on Twitter @scrubsvs and @Cyrub_KoC


Come on in and join the melee!  In this episode I sit down with fellow Knight of Chipotle Meroman, and we discuss PvP in the World of Warcraft.  Come listen to his favorite PvP modes, get some addon advice, and some good tips on PvP in general.

Please do not forget to submit your favorite Blizzard game scrub moment to!




In this episode I interview Josh from Countdown 2 Classic about his plans for how he will tackle his journey in the much anticipated launch of Classic World of Warcraft!  In this interview Josh goes over which faction he will be playing for, which class/spec he will be playing, and his plans for the game once it goes live on 08/26.  If you have any interest in Classic World of Warcraft at all, this is your episode.

You can find Josh at:

Twitter: @count2classic

You can find me on Twitter @Cyrub_KoC and at @scrubvs


Hey there adventurer!

Do you enjoy RP, or wondering what RP even is?  Stop on by the inn and have a seat at the table while Sil from @Whispers_of_War and I talk role playing in the World of Warcraft!

We discuss proper decorum, addons, and even try our hand at an RP skit ourselves.  Come check it out!

I'm working on building up a segment where you, the listener, can participate in the program.  Please send me your favorite scrub moments to scrubsvstheworld@gmail, and I will read your entry on the show!  

You can also follow this show on Twitter @Scrubsvs, and you can follow my personal account @Cyrub_KoC.

You can find Sil @Whispers_of_War on Twitter, and her show Whispers of War on Podbean, go check it out!!

Guild mate and long time friend Kal joins me to discuss the origin story of the Knights of Chipotle as well as what structural elements are necessary to run a healthy guild.  

There's also a new segment called "Story Time with The Rub", where I tell a wacky story about something that has happened to me in my life.  Come on by and have a listen!  

You can find me on Twitter @Scrubsvs and @Cyrub_KoC.

You can also email the show at

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