With Shadowlands on the horizon, is your check list for your end of BfA to do list dwindling? Fear not, Leeta over at WoW Challenges has just the thing for you! Come on by and have a listen as we break down what WoW challenges is, and how you can challenge yourself before Shadowlands arrives. We go over what you need to know about the OG Ironman, as well as the Blood Thirsty, Pacifist, Green man, Tinman, and Workingman Challenges, so you can get the most out of your game time. 

You can find Leeta here:


And you can find WoW Challenges here:


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As we patiently wait for Shadowlands, the content drought can be a rough time for a WoW player. If you're looking for new things to do to pass the time until we hit the Shadowlands come on by and listen to Tanner and I discuss mount farming! It can be a fun and challenging and a way for your to flex your unique items muscles.


You can find Tanner here:

@Darkshaggy06 - Personal Twitter

@AzerothiansPod - Show Twitter

Come on by to the show website: www.scrubsvstheworld.com

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OOOOOHHHHH it feels so good to be back! Come and join Marty and I as we discuss WoW Addons, and go over what I use to help me play better and make my quality of life better while playing the World of Warcraft.


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You can find more info on this show at www.scrubsvstheworld.com as well as at www.dragonpoweredstudio.com

Come join Demeternoth and I as we try and answer this question:

"The biggest difference between Classic and Retail WoW is the wider community is much more positive in Classic. How can we bring that back to retail??"

We also cover how to find a community in current WoW if you're looking for one, and much more! 


You can find Demeternoth's twitter feed @demeternoth and her twitch channel twitch.tv/Demeternoth

Come and check out the new website! Here you can find links to the twitter page, Facebook page, upcoming events, Blog entries, and submit your own scrub moments, or send us your thoughts. www.scrubsvstheworld.com

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In this episode Mac and I discuss some of the basics of gold making in the World of Warcraft. We cover topics such as getting started with some basic strategies to help you get some quick gold, cover a few helpful addons, and share a nice list of resources you can use to help you reach your gold making goals.

You can find Mac here:

Twitter: @goblingoldcast

YouTube: The Goblin Goldcast

You can also find Mac on the gold making segment of the Lion's Pride Tavern Podcast

Come visit www.scrubsvstheworld.com

Are you having troubles dealing with an on-use trinket? Are you wanting to /fart on someone, but don't because it takes too long to type it out? Come on by and join Projali and I as we discuss building macros so you can get the best out of your time in the World of Warcraft!

You can find Projali's YouTube channel here:


Come and check out the new website!!


Are you tired of getting rejected because your Raider.io score is trash? Well come on by and listen to Kerenzie and I talk M+ dungeons and how to get that pesky io score up to a respectable level... or to a point to where you can lord it over the masses! Whatever your motivation is if you're struggling with what to do to get into mythic plus dungeons, we're here to help!

You can find Kerenzie here:

Twitch: twitch.tv/kerenzie

Twitter: @kerensa

You can find the show there:

Twitch: twitch.tv/cyrub

Twitter: @scrubsvs

Email: scrubsvstheworld@gmail.com

Come on in and join the two raid tanks from the Knights of Chipotle and I as we discuss what it takes to become a raid tank in the World of Warcraft! We cover topics covering everything from UI setups, to control setups, to Addons, to communication, and much much more! If you're thinking about making the switch to tank this episode is for you!


Twitter: @Scrubsvs

Email: Scrubsvstheworld@gmail.com

Twitter: Twitch.tv/Cyrub

Are you thinking about becoming a healer, but don't know where to begin? Come join Burkheart from Burkheart Gaming and I as we dive into raid healing, and get you on the path toward keeping people alive in the World of Warcraft! We cover all the topics ranging from addons, to raid materials, to 3rd party resources, and much more!

You can find Burk at @burkheartgaming on Twitter, and at Twitch.tv/burkheart

You can find the show @Scrubvs on Twitter, and twitch.tv/Cyrub, and send in your favorite scrub moment to scrubsvstheworld@gmail.com

This is the first episode of the "Holy Trinity Series" of raiding. Come join SniperFrog(aka Mr. Ali) and I as we discuss the DPS aspect of raiding and what you need to do to get into a raid as a DPS'r. We cover topics like gear, addons, and other resources you can use to get ready to join a raid team, or if you're already on a raid team, take your play to the next level.

You can find SniperFrog on twitter @sniperfrogdx

You can find this show on Twitter @scrubsvs, on twitch at twitch.tv/cyrub, and send in an email to scrubsvstheworld@gmail.com

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